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The 33rd ECF March 1-4 2025

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1. Garments Exhibition

Exhibition Area




Men’s and Women’s   Clothes

Tops, Pants, Dresses, Suits, Jeans, Fur, Leather, Down, Cashmere

Sportswear, Casual Wear, Work uniforms, Wedding Dresses, Cheongsam, Others

Maternity, Infant and   Children’s Garments and Underwear

Maternity Dresses, Radiation-proof Maternity Clothes, Family Outfits

Underwear,   Underpants, Socks, Nightwear, Loungewear, Swimwear, Corsets, Others

Garment Fabric and Accessories

Garment Fabric and Auxiliary Material

Cotton/Blending, Chemical Fiber/Blending, Linen/Blending, Silk/Rayon, Fur/Artificial Wool, Special Woven Fabric, Others


Belts, Ties, Bow Ties, Silk Scarves, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hats, Glasses, Other Accessories

Labels, Zippers, Shoulder Pads, Buttons, Others

2. Textiles Exhibition

Exhibition Area



Home Textiles


Bedding Sets, Quilts, Coverlets, Bed Sheets, Quilt Covers, Bedspreads, Pillows, Pillowcases, Back Cushions, Bed Nets, Bed Mats, Blankets, Others

Home Textiles

Decorative Cloth, Curtain Fabric, Havelock, Door Curtains, Wall Coverings, Back Cushions, Seat Cushions, Throw Pillows, Others

Bathroom Textiles

Towels, Facecloths,   Bath towels, Bathrobes, Shower Curtains, Beach Towels, Toilet Lid covers, Others

Kitchen Textiles

Table Cloths, Napkins, Aprons, Cleaning Cloths, Others

Carpet and Tapestry

Machine-made Carpets, Handmade Carpets, Tapestries, Others

Textile Raw Material and Auxiliary Material

Raw Material

Cotton/Blending, Chemical Fiber/Blending, Linen/Blending, Silk/Rayon, Fur/Artificial Wool, Special Woven Fabric, Nonwoven Fabric, Industrial Fabric, Others

Auxiliary Material

Embroidery, Lace, Lining, Cotton Thread Tape, Trademarks, Accessories, Tassels, Others

Fibre and Yarn

Plant FIber, Animal Fiber, Artificial Fiber, Synthetic Fiber, Inorganic/Mineral Fiber, Chemical   Fiber, Cotton Yarn, Linen Yarn, Wool Yarn, Chemical Fiber Yarn, Others

3.Gifts Exhibition

Exhibition Area



Sports, travel and   leisure products

Office Products

Stationery (pen,   scissors, glue, rulers, and so on), Printers, Copying machines, Fax machines,   Scanners, Projectors, Paper shredders, Plastic packaging machines,   Bookbinding equipment, Calculators, Writing tools, Paper products, Office   consumables, Labor products used for documents and archives storage and   management, Financial products, Others

Sports Goods

Indoor and outdoor   sports products, Water/underwater sports products, balls and accessories,   Sports awards and trophies, Others

Travel and Leisure Products

Fishing gear, Barbecue   tools, Camping equipment and accessories, Picnic supplies, Swings, Hammocks,   Packsacks and accessories, Tents, Telescopes, Moisture-proof pads, Folding   beds, Inflatable chairs, Floor mats, Cutters, Tools, Lamps and lanterns,   Kettles, Canes, Compasses, Bicycles, Chess sets and cards, Musical instruments   and accessories, Others

Vehicle-mounted   Appliances

GPS navigation,   Automobile data recorders, Car refrigerators, Vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaners,   Car audio and video, Car alarms, Safety pre-warning devices, Parking sensors,   Bluetooth devices, Others

Auto Accessories

Seat cushions/foot   pads/back cushions, Seat covers, Safety seats, Car body/interior accessories,   Plastic film, Car beauty and cleaning, Car maintenance, Air pumps, Tire   pressure monitoring equipment, Emergency and rescue equipment, Water gun for   car washing, Air fresheners, Car wax, Sun-proof products, Air purification   and smell removal products, Glass cleaning and care, Windshield wipers,   Parts, Accessories used for modification, Small functional parts, Car   incubators, Storage/transport products, Others

Home decors

and gifts


Stuffed toys,   Educational toys, Model toys, Plastic toys, Inflatable toys, Toy for ridings,   Anime or film-themed toys, Toy beads/balls, Sports and leisure toys, Wooden   toys, Electronic pets, Pet toys, Play houses, Magic toys, Entertainment   facilities, Toy parts, Toy processing equipment, Children’s bicycles, Others


Clocks, Watches and   accessories, Others


Metal craftwork,   Bamboo and wooden craftwork, Glass craftwork, Crystal craftwork, Ceramic   craftwork, Plastic craftwork, Resin craftwork, Fabric craftwork, Weaving   craftwork, Cane craftwork, Carving craftwork, Folk handicraft, Stone   craftwork, Paper craftwork, Religious craftwork, Activated carbon craftwork,   Others

Accessories, Jewelry,   Bone Carving and Jade Sculpture

Ornaments, Headwear, Foot   ornaments, Clothes accessories, Earrings, Necklaces, Mobile phone   accessories, Decorations,  Pendants,   Jewelry, Bone carvings, Jade sculpture, Others

Business Gifts

Conference gifts, Business   gifts, Publicity gifts, Souvenirs, Key rings, Bags, Others

Paper Products and   Packaging Products

Calendars, Greeting   cards, Wall calendars, Gift boxes, Wrapping paper, Packaging boxes, Handicraft   paper, Paper bags, Ribbons, Others

Festival Items

Festival items,   Festival costumes and accessories, Party accessories, Wedding celebration   products, Birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day products, New Year celebration   products, Concert products, Christmas products, Halloween products, Party   products, Others

Gardening Products

Gardening products,   Flower seeds and seedlings, Greening plants, Bonsai, Gardening decoration,   Others

Home Decorations

Photo frames, Photo   albums, Picture frames, Cross stitches, Candleholders, Decorative pictures,   Wallpaper, Wall posters, Pendants, Ornaments, Vases, Pen containers, Pen racks,   Money boxes, Ashtrays, National flags, Coasters, Placemats, Table flags,   Artificial flowers, Others


Bedroom furniture,   Dining room furniture, Lounge furniture, Bathroom furniture, Kids furniture,   Leisure furniture, Semi-finished products and accessories, Others

4. Home Products Exhibition

Exhibition area



Tableware, Kitchenware


Bathroom Products


Ceramic Products, Stainless Steel Ware, Enamel Ware, Glassware, Others


Spatulas, Spoons, Chopsticks, Tableware Sets, Coasters, Placemats, Plastic Wraps, Keep-fresh   Bags, Egg Whisks, Fruit Knives, Kitchen Knives, Bottle Openers, Corkscrews, Can Openers, Hot Pot Utensils, Kitchen Towels, Oven Gloves, Peelers, Sharpeners, Nutcrackers, Cooking Spoons and Ladles, Cutting Boards, Baking Tools, Kitchen Storage, Gas Stoves Others

Bathroom Equipment   and Parts

Bathroom Equipment, Taps, Shower Rooms, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Cabinets, Water Pumps, Valves, Hoses Couplers, Tool Parts, Others

Bathroom Ware

Shower Caps, Shower Products, Soapboxes, Toothbrush Holders, Non-slip Products, Shower Curtains, Towel Racks, Others



Daily Cleaning

Shower Gels, Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, Bath Salts, Others

Oral hygiene Products

Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, Mouth Washes, Dental Floss, Tooth Powder, Tooth Whitening Strips,   Toothpicks, Others

Haircare Products

Shampoo, Haircare  Products, Others

Cleaning Products for Pregnant Women

Cleaning Products for Pregnant Women, Others

Infant Cleaning Products

Infant Cleaning Products, Others

Household Paper Products

Toilet Paper, Facial Tissues, Wet Tissues, Others

Personal Care

Bodybuilding Products, Adult Products, Footcare, Woman’s Hygiene Care, Man’s Hygiene Care, Maternal and Infant Care, Hand Care, Facial Care, Essential Oils, Body Care, Mother and Baby Products, Cosmetics, Beauty Tools and Accessories, Others

Washing Products and Cleaning Tools

Stain Removers, Cookware CLeaning Products, Window Washing tools, Brooms, Cleaning Cloths, Mops, Polishing Tools, Garbage Disposal Tools, Laundry Products, Kitchen and Bath Cleaning Products and Tools, Floor Cleaning Products and Tools, Household Cleaning Products and Tools, Electronic Appliance Cleaning Products, Glass   Cleaning Products, Air Freshening Products, Moisture-Proof and Mothproof Products, Leather Product Care, Others

Storage Products

Storage Boxes, Cabinets, Shelves, Vacuum Bags, Clothing Storage, Sundries Storage, Lockers, Others

Laundry Products

Hangers, Clothes Pegs, Clothes Pegs, Laundry Baskets, Laundry Bags, Ironing Boards, Others

General Home Products

Plastic Products, Disposable Goods, Umbrellas, Gloves, Basins, Barrels, Hooks, Smoking Sets, Lighters, Thermometers, Hygrometers, Hot-water Bottles, Shelves, Waste-paper Baskets, Wine Cabinets, Mobile Phone Holders, Key Chains, Shopping Carts, Tool Kits, Adhesive Tape, Ladders, Others

Pet Products

Pet Food, Pet Grooming Equipment, Leads, Pet Cages, Pet shampoo and bath foams, Pet toys, Pet   cleaning and care products, Pet clothing, Others


Fashion shoes, Sports   shoes (Tennis shoes, Running shoes, Climbing boots, Gymnastic shoes, Training   shoes , and Others), Children’s shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Shoes and boots for   other purposes and semi-finished products, Shoe racks, Shoe boxes, Shoe   cabinets, Others


Luggage cases, Daily   cases, Briefcases, Other cases and accessories


Handbags, Backpacks, Bags   for particular purposes, Others

Home Appliance and Electronic


Kitchen Appliance

Pressure cookers, Rice   cookers, Electric kettles, Electric cups, Coffee machines, Soy milk machines,   Bread makers, Microwave ovens, Food processers, Juicers, Blenders, Electric   ovens, Electric food warmers, Electrothermal furnaces, Induction cookers, Gas   stoves, Household water purifiers, Household blenders, Egg boilers, Yogurt   makers, Electric stewpots, Multipurpose pots, Dishwashing machines,   Disinfection cabinets, Others

Living-room Appliance

Electronic scales,   Electronic fans, Electronic mosquito repellents, Electronic heating appliances,   Air humidifiers, Air driers, Air purifiers, Household vacuum cleaners,   Electronic irons, Mousetraps, Mosquito repellent, Oxygen generators, Garbage   disposals, Shoe driers, Table lamps, Water dispensers, Others

Other Small   Appliances

Shavers, Hair removers,   Flashlights, Hair driers, Electronic trimmers, Curling irons, Hair   straighteners, Others

Lighting Products

Illuminating systems,   lighting sources, Lamp accessories, Others

Consumer Electronics

Sound systems,   Audio-visual products, Digital recreation products, Telecom products, Power   supply products, Computers and accessories, Others