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Notice for Construction of Custom-Built Stand

Date: 2019-04-30

Application for Special Booth

East China Fair requires that the exhibitors with two or above booths should construct the booths in the form of special booth so as to show the corporate image fully and in harmony with the overall construction of the fair. The overseas exhibitors who need special booth shall submit design scheme to the Council Office of East China Fair before May 20th,2023, and the booth construction can be carried out after passing the check and fire protection examination.

I. Content of special booth construction application

(i) Three-dimensional color effect chart of design scheme

(ii) Plan view of design scheme (incl. detailed instructions for size and material)

(iii) Material relating to power utilization (incl. electrical connection diagram, electrical distribution diagram and total electric

power consumption, etc.)

(iv) Furniture Rent Form

(v) A4 specification for design drawing and text description. (Fax is not accepted)

II. Requirements of special booth construction

(i) Construction unit must comply with strictly the Administrative Provisions for Fire Safety of the Exhibition Industry of


(ii) The nylon elastic cloth is strictly prohibited to be used as construction material in exhibition hall.

(iii) The iodine tungsten lamp is strictly prohibited to be used in exhibition hall; the neon lamp shall be installed above 2.5m.

(iv) As for the design and construction of all special booths (incl. trade delegations and exhibitors), the vertical orthogonal

projection shall not exceed the range of reserved space and the height of culmination point shall not exceed 4.45m.

The exhibition office shall order to dismantle the part that exceeds the prescribed height.

(v) The back side of wall of adjacent booths shall be decorated so as not to affect the adjacent booths.

(vi) Any propaganda prop (exclude the marks indicated by the Fair) is prohibited to be hung overhead in exhibition hall.

(vii) The construction unit shall not change any application content that has been examined and approved, such as drawings,

etc. without authorization; if necessary, it must be approved by exhibition site office. If the construction changes it

without authorization, the East China Fair shall not supply power, and moreover, give warn even more give a


(viii) The special booth construction unit shall be charge of the construction and maintenance work of special booths; the

trade delegations concerned shall be charge of the supervision; the exhibition office shall organize security inspectors

for safety inspection.

Apply for Discharge Permit

Please apply for discharge permit with Vehicle Registration, Driver’s License and Exhibitors Badge if Exhibitors need to

transport the exhibits into the exhibition hall themselves.

Location: South Square of Shanghai New International Expo Center

Furniture Renting

Please see the Furniture Rent Form.


The construction of standard booth and the layout of exhibition equipment and facilities are shown as figure 3. If the exhibitors

need to change the layout concerned, please fill in Attached Form 2 (incl. schematic drawing) and submit it stated as the form

before May 31th,2023.

Otherwise, the booth would be set up in a normal standard way.