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The 33rd ECF March 1-4 2025

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Collecting Card

In order to standardize the use and management of the documents for the 30th East China Fair and ensure the smooth and orderly development of the exhibition, the following management measures will be taken:


For participants

(i) Types of exhibitor's documents: Exhibitor permit, arrangement and dismantling permit (CNY10.00 for work costs), residence permit (CNY10 .00 for work costs);

(ii) Other documents: Purchase permit.

For vehicles

Parking permit (outside), transportation vehicle license (according to the rules of the Shanghai New International Expo Center)


For participants

(i) Exhibitor permit and residence permit can be used during arrangement and dismantling in the proper designated way.

(ii) Purchase permit can be used throughout the course of the fair.

(iii) Arrangement and dismantling permit can be used only during the arrangement and dismantling period of the fair, and is not allowed during the course of the fair.

For vehicles

Different types of vehicle permits can be used to enter and exit the appointed parking area at certain times.


The exhibition team under the council office is responsible for the statistics, summary, production and management of the fair's documents. Each trading group shall assign the person in charge of the license to handle, send, and receive the documents. The exhibition team will not accept personal applications.


(i) All documents must be submitted through the online application system. In special cases, a designated person from the trading group will fill out a relevant form, affix the official seal of the trading group, and submit it to the exhibition team to apply for it.

(ii) An electronic scanned copy (or a paper copy) of one's ID card must be provided with the documents and their portrait and handwriting must be clearly identifiable. A first-generation ID card will not be accepted.

(iii) The photo provided must be a 2-inch ID photo (with a white or blue background) with facial features clearly visible. The electronic photo must be in .jpg format and the file size should be less than 100K.


(i) The number of places for each trading group shall be handled in strict accordance with the amount allocated.

(ii) Exhibitor permit: Free for 3 sheets/booth (9 square meters), CNY500.00  for one extra permit.


(i) Trading team staff certificates and exhibitor permits are allowed to be replaced. Other documents cannot be returned once they are issued.

(ii) Original documents shall be turned over to the person responsible in the trading group for replacement. The document shall then be handed over to the exhibition team for invalidation and new documents will be applied for. Each new certificate will cost CNY100.00.


(i) If you lose any documents required for the East China Fair, you should notify the trading group and security team at once.

(ii) If an exhibitor permit is lost, the holder must state this in writing and have it approved by the person responsible in the administrative department or trading group.

(iii) The staff certificate is a chip certificate that can be used many times. Once lost, a written application with a stamp should be submitted by the trading group for replacement.

(iv) The documents will not be reissued if they have been fraudulently used or forged and the holder has not reported it lost or stolen.


The documents will be issued by the exhibition team of the East China Fair to the person responsible in each trading group.